WordPress jQuery is not defined

Are you strungling with jQuery is not defined errors. May this will help! Open up your wp-config.php file and insert the following code along with the other define statements:

WordPress Theme Options

Custom Theme Options To create custom theme options for your WordPress theme. Copy and paste this code into functions.php file Take your Theme Options Values into your theme by:

Custom Breadcrumbs WordPress

Do you want Breadcrumbs for your Custom WordPress  theme? Just paste the below code into your functions.php Call the breadcrumbs onto your page with the following code: Styling your breadcrumbs into your style.css

Speed Up your WordPress Site!

Disable Auto Embed Scripts How to stop loading wp-embed.min.js on your site? It’s very crucial to have minimum HTTP request on your site. As a WordPress optimization goal, every blogger should be concern on how their blog loads and user behavior. More HTTP requests means more contents and hence longer page load time. As you see in above […]

How to hide admin’s activities from all activity feeds in BuddyPress

The BuddyPress Activity Stream which records all sorts of activities. Blogs posts, new friendships, and blog comments are among the most popular activities recorded. Want to hide yours activities from all activity feeds ? Here is how! Put this code in to your functions.php  

10 Things You Need to Know BEFORE You Go LIVE with a Website

Here are 10 Things to Check Before Launching a Website!!! Checks Check all Links. Check the menus. Check for console errors. Create email@domain.gr Check all forms that receive and send email. Check that all pages are adjusted (on all monitor back and lengths). Change text and check that there is no Lorem Ipsum anywhere. Plugins […]

Chrome Extention Development

In this post i will build a simple Google Chrome extension. This is beginner friendly as it is only HTML, CSS and a bit of JSON. Use it to create your own.     The first thing you have to do is to create the following files into a folder called Launcer Into Images folder […]

Schedule Cron Job in WordPress

How to easily Schedule Cron Job in WordPress   In Windows 1) Create new powershell executable (.ps1) 2) Add command(s) to be executed (eg. at C:\HostingSpace\Prot\WordpressChron.ps1) Add define to wp-config above Create new task in task scheduler to run the .ps1 file   In Linux 1. We execute commands as root with: 2. We create […]

Check if is mobile

An easy way to check if is mobile with plain javascript